Frequently Asked Questions

Photo plaque images - how do I send them to you?

The photograph you choose should be clear and preferably of a high print quality. We can remove backgrounds and other people from the photo if necessary. Try to choose a photo which is not blurred or damaged in any way.

Consider whether the photo would best suit a landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) photo plaque. In some cases your choice is restricted by the size/shape of your stone and the quantity of inscription text, if you are unsure please contact our staff and they will advise you.

For more detailed information about the format and size of photos try these links

Can I have blue or pink writing?

A pale blue or pink paint is often used for children’s memorials and works very well. We can accommodate most colour requests for lettering and sandblasted designs. Our experienced staff can advise on the longevity and suitability of your chosen colour when we put together your quotation.

Can a larger memorial be scaled down to a smaller size?

Yes, we are able to reduce the size of most memorials in our collection. If this is not possible due to a particularly intricate memorial style, we would be able to suggest something similar to achieve the effect you are after.