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GHS 433

York Stone Headstone

Overall Height: 2’6”

£1296 incl. VAT

Overall Height: 3’0”

£1536 incl. VAT

The York Stone Headstone, with its classic rounded top and clean-cut square base, is a traditional gravestone with a dignified appearance. Shown here with an optional "cut only" Merchant Navy badge.


Details on the York Stone Headstone


The rich beige hue of the York Stone Headstone is naturally suited to inscriptions in black paint, which provides a striking contrast against its pale colour. For a more understated look, the inscription can simply be cut and not filled in with paint.


The single central bouquet container on the York Stone Headstone gives you the perfect opportunity to commemorate your loved one’s memory with flowers, without detracting from its simple and understated design.



  • FREE 80 Letter Inscription
  • Fixing by our NAMM & BRAMM qualified Fixers
  • 30 year stonework guarantee


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