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GHS 426

Polished Bahama Blue

Overall Height: 3’0”

£2362 incl. VAT

The Polished Bahama Blue Granite is a truly striking and individual piece of craftsmanship. The natural marblings of the granite mean that no two headstones are the same, while the finely detailed and highlighted rose carving gives the headstone an outstanding appearance.


Details on the Polished Bahama Blue Granite Headstone


The Polished Bahama Blue Granite Headstone is painted with a specially designed antique-style lacquer. Not only does this give wonderful definition to its superb carvings, it also prolongs the memorial’s longevity. At 6" in thickness, this headstone is twice as thick as most of our memorials which gives your memorial a unique appearance.



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  • 30 year stonework guarantee