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GHS 22

Polished Black Granite Book Headstone

Overall Height 3'0" : *SPECIAL OFFER*

£1674 incl. VAT

Overall Height 3’0”: Polished Blue Pearl (see thumbnail image)

£1785 incl. VAT

Elegantly shaped with a golden cord and tassel and gilded page lines, the Polished Black Granite Headstone is the perfect way to commemorate a lover of books. 

As part of this limited time SPECIAL OFFER, we shall be including an extra large free inscription allowance of up to 100 Letters.


Offer applies to the Black Granite version only.


Details on the Polished Black Granite Book Headstone


The stately Polished Black Granite Headstone is an ideal memorial for a loved one whose passion was reading. Both pages of the book can be engraved, as can the heart beneath them, so you have plenty of space for a tender inscription, a photoplaque and any custom design work. This dignified headstone is also available in Polished Blue Pearl.



  • FREE 100 Letter Inscription
  • Fixing by our NAMM & BRAMM qualified Fixers
  • 30 year stonework guarantee
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GHS 22

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