Frequently Asked Questions

What is a kerb set?

Kerbs are a line of stone which forms a rectangular edge covering the whole grave. This is usually made from the same stone as the headstone but can be changed for a contrasting material if preferred. The centre area can be filled with coloured glass chippings, soil or a cover slab according to your taste.

What happens if someone else needs to be buried at a later date?

It is often the case that a couple will want to be interred in the same place. When this is the case we will lay out the lettering, designs and photos on your chosen memorial so that it leaves space for an additional inscription of similar size. A book memorial or triple heart memorial is a great way to achieve this.

Can you leave the centre of kerbing empty for us to fill it?

Yes, if you wanted to fill the kerbs with soil and plants or buy your own chippings, we can leave this area empty.