Frequently Asked Questions

Can a larger memorial be scaled down to a smaller size?

Yes, we are able to reduce the size of most memorials in our collection. If this is not possible due to a particularly intricate memorial style, we would be able to suggest something similar to achieve the effect you are after.

How many words can I fit on?

This depends greatly on the style of memorial you have chosen. We have a minimum size of lettering which we adhere to but all our designs allow enough room for names, dates and a short verse at the minimum. If you have a lot of text you wish to add to a small/cremation memorial then we would advise you avoid heart-shaped headstones and large sandblasted designs. Adding a freestanding block vase to your memorial can be a handy way of adding more inscription space.

How to clean black granite headstones

Granite headstones, especially with a polished finish, are easy to maintain by cleaning with a soft, damp cloth. At Memorials of Distinction, we offer a bespoke cleaning and restoration service to keep your granite headstone in excellent condition.