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Memorial Photo Plaques

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A picture is worth a thousand words, and incorporating the right photograph into your departed loved one’s memorial can say just as much as a carefully worded inscription. Whether it’s a cherished memory from many years ago or a recent photograph, the beauty of our memorial photo plaques is that they capture your loved one exactly as you wish to remember them - for you and for everyone who visits the grave. 

Our photo plaques are carefully produced using the highest quality materials that will make for a lasting finish, truly bringing out the best in your treasured photograph. They come in a variety of shapes - square, portrait, oval, circular and heart-shaped - and several colours and styles, to suit any headstone. Elegant but not overstated, our simple photo plaques let your precious picture speak volumes. Words, symbols and icons can be wonderful ways to pay tribute to your loved one, but nothing stirs memories quite like a favourite photograph. 

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