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MC 222

Rustic Light Grey Granite Small Memorial

Overall Size: 2’4” x 1'6" x 2'0"

£892 incl. VAT

This beautiful memorial is available in a range of colours including light grey granite. The granite is pitched along the edges giving a natural, rustic finish.


Details on the Rustic Light Grey Granite Small Memorial

This grey granite memorial has understated elegance, and a modest and traditional look. You have the option to choose a soil finish for planting long-lasting flowering plants to add dashes of natural colour. There is also a vase for fresh cut flowers. The granite headstone is pitched on the edges leaving a rough surface, while the face of the headstone is polished for a classical inscription.  



  • FREE 80 Letter Inscription
  • Fixing by our NAMM & BRAMM qualified Fixers
  • 30 year stonework guarantee
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