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Cremation & Small Memorials

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Our designs for cremation memorials incorporate the finest and highest quality materials, crafted in a wide selection of styles from traditional to modern. Take a look through the full range and click any of the images to see a full price guide to help you to make your decision. What you will see from all our designs is that a smaller size does not restrict your memorial from providing a truly unique and comforting reflection of your departed loved one. 

There are many ways in which a cremation memorial can provide the space to display memories of your loved one. From a miniaturised headstone style to an open book or tablet shape – and in a variety of colours from elegant white marble to classic black granite – your chosen design can incorporate a photograph, a reflective verse or any text or motif that best represents their life. Our expert stonemasons will endeavour to make sure the smaller space is used effectively and can assist with any personal touches you have in mind.