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GHS 76

Grey Granite Headstone with Four Carved Roses

Overall Height: 2’6”

£1364 incl. VAT

Overall Height: 3’0”

£1580 incl. VAT

This grey granite headstone has an engraved rose in each corner of the stone, framing the inscription. The headstone also features a clean-cut, solid base where vases, photos or ornaments can be placed. The finely grained grey and black granite is called Karin Grey and is quarried in Finland. The high citrine quartz content in the granite gives it a subtle yellow hue. With a honed finish, this headstone is permitted by many churchyards.


Details on the Grey Granite Headstone with Four Carved Roses


The intricate details on this headstone really make this a special choice for your loved one. The blossoming roses are elegantly placed to perfectly frame an inscription. A keyline runs along the edge of the stone for a smart, clean look against the fine-grained pattern on the grey granite.



  • FREE 80 Letter Inscription
  • Fixing by our NAMM & BRAMM qualified Fixers
  • 30 year stonework guarantee
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