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GHS 50

Polished Black Granite Headstone

Overall Height: 3'0" (main image) with standard carved finish to roses

£1620 incl. VAT

Overall Height: 3’0” (see smaller thumbnail image) including antique highlighted roses.

£1740 incl. VAT

Polished Black Granite. Carving the roses into the sides of the headstone enables us to give a true 3D carving. As an optional extra, the carved roses can be highlighted with our special "antique" paint effect for an outstanding look, as shown on the smaller "thumbnail" image. This effect gives extra colour and shading to the carving, enhancing the definition. Please enquire for further details. The "thumbnail" image is also shown with an optional PP2 photoplaque.



  • Fixing by our NAMM & BRAMM qualified Fixers
  • 30 year stonework guarantee
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